Access Cards

Access Cards

Access cards are needed for entry to the swimming pool and tennis court areas.    

Families are given access cards when they first move into the neighborhood.   Normally, you will receive your cards at closing.  Sometimes, they are left at the home by the previous owner.

If you have lost your card and need to request a new card, please fill out and submit your information in the form to the right.   The cost of a new card is usually $10.   This cost may change over time.   

The request is emailed to a representative of the board.   You should be contacted and receive your new card in about a weeks time.   The time will vary based on the time of the year and availability of representatives.

To use the card, just touch the card to the entry card reader and access is allowed.   There is card reader at the swimming pool entrance gate and a card reader at the tennis courts entrance gate.

Need To Request An Access Card?