Flower Beds Got A Bit Of Mulch BD

On July 1, 2023 at 8:00 a.m., families turned out to help spread a few bags of mulch over the flower beds around the tennis courts and swimming pool. It was a very nice day to do this work, not too hot that morning.

Below, you see the photenia beds at the south end of the tennis courts. Much better.
It was so nice to see everyone out working hard and having a bit of fun. I am so sorry that I did not take more pictures. If you are not in the pictures shown, please accept my apologies.

In the weeks before, Ron and T.J. did a huge amount of the initial layout of mulch. They put out almost 5 full pallets by themselves. Kudos to these guys.
About a month before we got started, we had Lowes deliver 6 pallets of mulch to the swimming pool parking lot. That is a lot of mulch. Using T.J.’s truck, we put out the bags of mulch in preparation.
The flower beds have over the years matured and lost soil. Mulching to protect the top soil from runoff will become even more important as these beds age. We started by measuring out the beds and calculating how much mulch we think we needed. We decided not to put in edging at this time.
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